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Surname At School Current Surname First Name Start Year End Year Notes
Anson Edyth 1900’s early Mother of, Angie Robson, who is the grand-daughter of Mr. Anson the headmaster at the start of the 20th century
Anson Murial 1900’s early Murial never married and went to live in Ryde, Isle of Wight and became a post mistress there
Anson Andrew 1900’s early Andrew died very young and is buried in the church yard next to the late Mr & Mrs Anson.
Anson Mary 1900’s early Mary married a Jack Cheney and went on to become Mayor of Banbury
Anson James 1900’s early James married and became a farmer in Sandford St Martin
Anson Fred 1900’s early became a teacher and became headmaster of Wheatley School near Oxford
Dyer Brackley Alice 1900’s early Alice, sister to Wilfred and Iris Dyer spent her childhood in Sarsden. Alice married and spent her entire life in Wendover, Bucks. A story related to me by Wlif was how all the village children would jump on the step at the rear of the Butchers pony and trap, the weight of the children trying to lift the ponies feet.
Dyer Iris Annie 1900’s early Iris,daughter of Walter and Jessica Dyer spent her childhood in Sarsden living in the undergardeners cottage, the family moved to Chipping Norton where Iris spent her working life in the Drapery department of the Co-Op.
Dyer Wilfred Thomas 1907 1911 Wilf was the son of Walter Dyer under gardener at Sarsden house, there were two daughters IRIS and ALICE, ALICE married and lived all her life in Wendover, Bucks
Payne Arthur 1924 1933 Father of Keith Payne who went to Churchill Primary school from 1956 to 1959. Arthur remembers there was a partition which split the school into two rooms. He remembers Miss Hill as one of the teachers. He moved to the upper school (the classroom in the building farthest from the road) probably at age 7. He then moved into the larger school. There was a partition that created a separate room at the end closest to the pub. He then moved into the larger classroom. He left school at 14 (1933). Miss Webb became Mrs Hoverd.
Souch Souch John 1927 1931 I am writing on behalf of my dad, John Souch. He attended Churchill School from the age of 5 years to 9 years. He lived at Cornwell at the time and was transported by van to the school.
Soper Arthur 1934 Estimated 1939 Estimated I have been researching my family history this has included my father’s mother’s family the Sherbournes. The lived in and around the villages from about 1707 until 1960’s. My father Arthur Soper attended the school around the 1930’s (he was born in 1929). I would like particular information on Mary Jane Sherbourne(1881) and her brother Edward George (1870)
Grieve Grieve Richard John 1944 1946
Holmes Cousins Mary 1948 1949 When my sister Elizabeth (Biffy) and I started at Churchill School we increased the school register to eight! Just one class run by Mrs Blake whose daughter Ruth was one of the pupils. Our 4 younger siblings were also pupils at the school Susan Jean Sarah and Andrew.
Holmes Elizabeth 1948 1950
Holmes Susan 1950 1956
Holmes Jean 1953 1959
Beard Jones Janet 1953 1955 Janet is now living in Nancegollan, Cornwall. She comments: “All I can remember is Mrs Hoverd, who taught us in the infants,and had a cat that used to visit the classroom. She had taught the cat to wipe its paws before entering the room!! The junior classes were in a separate building across the playground and taught by a man whose name escapes me!I think it may have been Woodward,but I’m not sure!”
Ridgway Sandie 1954 1960
Putnam Powell Susan 1956 1957 I only spent 6 months at the school before moving to Chipping Norton.Lived in the house on the corner by the phone box and remember Wendy Greenaway and Sandra Ridgeway, also the Crudges. We had a lady teacher who refused to allow me to spell ‘Berkhamsted’ correctly insisting there was an’a’ at the end. The toilets were in a seperate block and so cold. There was a central stove for heat in the winter in the classroom and we used to crowd round it at break to try and keep warm.
Payne Keith 1956 1959 Keith is now living in Calgary, Alberta in Canada. His Father Arthur Payne also went to Churchill Primary school and still lives in Churchill today.
Holmes Sarah 1956 1961
Crudge Crudge Roger 1957 1963
Innes Innes Malcolm 1957 1964 Malcolm contacted me after reading the article on the school in the Chipping Norton News. He remembered the Time Capsule and gave a good idea of its location.
Ridgway Patricia (Trish) 1958 1964
Fiedler Lord Jennifer 1958 1964
Holmes Andrew 1960 1964
Moir Simon 1961 1965 Simon lived at the Stores from 1962 until 1969 with his brother Jamie and his sister Debi.
Ridgway Mike 1962 1968
Shirley Sole Allen 1962 1968 Now living in Warwick
Moir Moir Jamie 1963 1966 Just found this site and looked at the 250 year Class anniversary photo. Is that me? Anyway, remember most of the people in the photo so if anyone would like to contact me, feel free, it would be good to hear from anyone who remembers me
Walman ORourke Alison 1963 1969
Stephen Guy 1964 1970 Living in London.
Lewis Lewis Jo 1964 1970 I was at school in Churchill from 1964 to 1970. I lived in Sarsden and remember being collected by Mr Greenaway in big black taxi. Later we were allowed to bike to and from school but we had to take our cycling proficiency test first. I remember Mr Cockburn the headmaster and his wife. Their daughter Jane was the same age as me but sadly she died while we were still very young. In the same year as me or very close I can remember Lesley Kirk, Sheila Taylor, Kevin Stringer, Pamela Sole, Sarah Harmon who’s mum taught the infants, (although Mrs Harmon wasn’t teaching there when I was in the infants, she arrived later), Ernest and Trevon Beadle, and a bit older, Claire Innes, Shaun Donaldson, Peter Crudge and Roger Seidel. My best friend Lindsay Buck was a year behind me along with another girl who came from Sarsden – Sarah Huffer.. Halfway through my time at the school Idbury School closed and some of the pupils came to Churchill. I remember Liz and Sandra Tyers. My brother Mark was at the school from about 1969 to 1975. His friends were John Taylor and Robert Greenaway.
Pamela Sole McClelland 1965 1971 Now living in Adderbury
Richard Turner Turner 1965 1967 Living in Kingswinford, West Midlands.
Harman Tim 1966 1972 Tim was the son of Mrs. Harman
Hedges Hopkins Valerie 1966 1972 Daughter of Mrs. Hedges who was a dinner lady at the school.
Hemmings William 1966 1972
Hemmings Mark 1966 1972
Ryan Tim 1966 1972
Mann John 1967 1973
Hemmings Barbara 1967 1973
Stringer Della 1967 1973
MacElhill Wendy 1967 1973
Nicks Mark 1967 1973
Everall Glyn 1967 unknown
Walman Susan 1967 1973
Harman Dan 1967 1973 Dan was the son of Mrs. Harman. Sadly, he was killed in a car crash in 1981
Benson Richard 1968 1974
Milward Karen 1968 1974
Buck Jane 1968 1974
Siedel Siedel Petula 1968 1974 I have loved looking at the photos and seeing myself and my brother at Churchill school, and also seeing schoolmates I had forgotten all about. I now live in Nottingham but visit Sarsden often.
Huffer Huffer Richard 1968 1973
Webb Stephen 1968 estimated Estimated 1974
Millard Tim 1968 estimated Estimated 1974
Tyre Paul 1968 estimated Estimated 1974
Huffer Richard 1968 estimated Estimated 1974
Guy Martin 1968 estimated Estimated 1974
Innes David 1968 estimated Estimated 1974
Woodcock Linda 1968 estimated Estimated 1974
Fowler Susan 1968 estimated Estimated 1974 My name is Sue Fowler great site, realy brings back some memories. Churchill had some cool visits. Peter remembers the slimbridge & Oxford trips, this got me thinking, wonder if any one remebers going to Berkley castle, I think that was included in the Slimbridge trip or the canal trip staying on the two boats that had canvas roofs. There are several other people that I am sure went to Churchill, but don’t know which class they were in :- Jane Buck lived in Sarsden, Marie- clare ? lived in Churchill Sharon or Sarah Allen lived in Churchill and Carolin Le seur at the vicarage. I don’t think her surname is spelt correct. Does any one remember going to the school hall to do the country dancing, and who was the bust of that used to be kept outside in the store room with the games stuff, where is it now!!
Fowler Andrew 1968 estimated 1973
Ridgway Ridgway Peter 1969 1975 Mr Cockburn was the headmaster prior to Mr Warland. I believe Mr Warland took over about 1968. I think Mr Coburn may have gone to the Green School in Chipping Norton. Pupils I remember from my year include: John Taylor, Eric Price, Kevin Nicks, Dawn Field, Martin Townsend, Linda Woods, Rupert Sweeting, Neil & Gareth Preston, Michael Webb. Pupils I remember from a year or two above me include: Stephen Webb, Tim Millard, Paul Tyre, Richard Huffer, John Mann, Martin Guy, Petula Seidel, Stephen Webb, David Innes, Linda Woodcock, Andrew & Susan Fowler. Pupils I remember from a year or two behind me include: Jeremy & Julian Kitchen, Debbie Fudge, Kevin Field (brother of Dawn from my year), Kevin Field (unrelated), Matthew Kirk. When I started at the school(1969), there were about 70 pupils spread across the 3 classes (infants, juniors and seniors). By the time I left(1975), the number may have been down to around 60 or just below. It was a surprise to here that the numbers reduced to just 5 within 7 years. I’m guessing that maybe the education authority changed the school’s catchment area, but don’t know for certain. In my time, the school served Churchill, Sarsden, Merriscourt, Fairgreen, Ryan Hill and Fifield and Idbury. Although Fifield & Idbury were quite a way from Churchill, a large number of pupils came from that way. Sports games – football (used to play on the full sized pitch on the playing fields behind the church!) and cricket for the boys, netball and ? for the girls – would be arranged against other local schools, but mainly I think Kingham and Ascott-under-Wychwood. Also possibly schools at Shipton and Milton-under-Wychwood. Once a year the senior (final year pupils) would go on a 2-3 day trip to Slimbridge Wildfowl Trust, staying in a local youth hospital. Dinners used to be brought in from (I think) Chipping Norton, and reheated and served up from a kitchenette area by 2-3 dinner ladies. I can remember a Mrs Drinkwater and a Mrs Hedges. Final year pupils also used to be bussed into Chipping Norton on Friday mornings in the Summer for swimming lessons at the open air pool there. There are probably lots of other memories from that time, and I’m sure my brother and sisters have a load more, but that’ll do for now as I’m not sure if this is the sort of thing you want! Can also still remember the layout of the school like it was yesterday – it would be interesting to see the site today to see how it was changed.
Taylor John 1969 estimated Estimated 1975
Nicks Kevin 1969 estimated Estimated 1975
Field Dawn 1969 estimated Estimated 1975
Townsend Martin 1969 estimated Estimated 1975
Sweeting Rupert 1969 estimated Estimated 1975
Preston Neil 1969 estimated Estimated 1975
Webb Michael 1969 estimated Estimated 1975
Mann Ruth 1970 1973
Field Kevin 1970 estimated Estimated 1976
Field Kevin 1970 estimated Estimated 1976
Kirk Mathew 1970 estimated Estimated 1976
Helen Vallance Hill 1973 1976 Living in Milton-under-Wychwood for past 12 years.
Jones Adrian 1973 estimated Approx 1975
Fudge Debra 1973 estimated Approx 1975
MacKinnon Glynis 1973 estimated Approx 1975 Lived in Fifield
Wood Margaret 1973 estimated Approx 1975 Lived in Fifield
Preston Simon 1973 estimated Approx 1975
Preston Gareth 1973 estimated Approx 1975
Field John 1973 estimated Approx 1975
Seidel Petula 1973 estimated Approx 1975
Woods Linda 1973 estimated Approx 1975
Price Eric 1973 estimated Approx 1975
Stringer Tracy 1973 estimated Approx 1975
Kitchen Jeremy 1973 estimated Approx 1975
Kitchen Julian 1973 estimated Approx 1975 Ann Fitton recalls that Julian won a Blue Peter competition for a poem he wrote about a dog called Fred.
Fitton Hannaford Ann 1973 November 1975 Ann and her Brother Robert Fitton changed schools after her then step-father caused a scene at the school over some shoes going missing.
Helen Vallance Hill 1973 1976
Fitton Fitton Robert 1974 1975 Brother of Ann Fitton
Emma Blackman 1976 1978 Now living in Banbury
Black Jamie 1970 something 1981 Jamie was one of the last five pupils at the school when it closed at Christmas 1981.
Watson Kelly 1970 something 1981 Kelly was one of the last five pupils at the school when it closed at Christmas 1981.
Notman Chris 1970 something 1981 Chris was one of the last five pupils at the school when it closed at Christmas 1981.
Oliver Chris 1970 something 1981 Chris was one of the last five pupils at the school when it closed at Christmas 1981.
Turner Emma 1970 something 1981 Emma was one of the last five pupils at the school when it closed at Christmas 1981.

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