Our Gallery of Images from Churchill & Sarsden School

Class photos, school trips and memorabilia. We are very grateful to everyone that has been kind enough to rummage through their attics and send us photographs and memorabilia from the school.

Photographs and images are the main things I want to add to this site. It is the visual images that bring back memories, and for me, who never went to the school, give me a real feel for how it was.


1990’s to Present Images

1980’s Images

1970’s Images

1960’s Images

1950’s Images

Early Images

Please tell us your memories

All of the information on this site has been collected from the stories, memories and keepsakes that people who went to the school have been kind enough to share with me.

Please take just a few minutes to get in touch and tell me anything you know about the school and about your memories of it.

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