Gallery – 250th Anniversary Period Dress

Jo Lewis got in touch after coming across the site in 2018 and she was able to dig out this fantastic photograph of the infant class who all dressed up in period costume to celebrate the 250th Anniversary of the school.

Jo writes:

I found this photo of the infants class all dressed up in period costume for the 250 year anniversary in 1966. I remember a TV camera crew came and we paraded around being filmed. We were supposed to be on the evening news, but only a few seconds of the infants, who had gone to such trouble to dress up, was actually aired.


No. Name No. Name
1 9
2 10
3 Kevin Stringer 11 Stephen Guy
4 Linda Fiedler 12
5 13
6 Pamela Sole 14 Jonathon Guy
7 Lesley Kirk 15 Jo Lewis
8 Jane Cockburn