This is the Top School in its current guise. The photograph was taken at midday on 26th July 2001. It is a view of the front of the school from The Church. The Gable on the left, slightly obscured by the leaves of the tree is the The Old School House. The Gable in the centre of the picture is The Old School and the two Dormer windows to the right are the back of what is now Langston Court House.

This is the back of Churchill Top School. Again taken at Midday, 26th July 2001. It consists of two properties. The Old School House is everything up to and including the first Gable End. The second Gable end onwards is Langston Court House.

This picture was taken from the spot beside the white car in the photograph above. It shows the Infant School on the left and what we believe were the old school toilets, now The Old School Cottage.